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Quinta de Bella
Bella Superior, Touriga Nacional 2016
Dão - do

Cépage Touriga Nacional
Fassreifung 24 Monate in Tanks aus rostfreiem Stahl und 24 Monate in rostfreiem Stahl


QUINTA DE BELLA combines singular natural conditions with a traditional sustainable viticulture to produce Terroir wines with a unique character.

Included in the historic Region of Dão, in the village of Prime, parish of Fragosela, neighbouring the city of Viseu, is a wide property of approximately 70 hectares developing from the bank of the Dão river.

The vineyard, partially re-grafted and expanded through new plantations, currently ocuppies the 25 hectares area dedicated to the grape varieties Touriga Nacional and Sauvignon Blanc, with an aditional planting of eight hectares already planned. Located at approximately 380 metres in altitude, with unique microclimatic conditions, the property benefits from the proximity to Dão river that has an excellent exposure and granitic sand soils of high quality, also known as "rotten granite" or "noble granite".


Auge : Violette Töne: intensive Aromen von schwarzen Früchten.

Nase : Intensive Aromen von schwarzen Früchten.

Mund : Er ist jung, frisch und hat harmonische und anhaltende Tannine.

Seine Säure passt hervorragend zu Fleischgerichten und reifen Käsesorten.

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