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Casa Ferreirinha

Casa Ferreirinha

By acquiring the flagship company AA Ferreira in December 1987, Sogrape not only strengthened its portfolio with the most prestigious Douro wine brands, but also integrated a valuable historical and cultural heritage that it knew how to respect and preserve, without this impede the opening of the company to innovation and modernity.

Casa Ferreirinha and its wines are synonymous with time and art. This is the case since its foundation in the eighteenth century by the hand of Bernardo Ferreira, who saw the formula refined by the descendants, especially by his granddaughter Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, who affectionately became known as "Ferreirinha" or "Ferreirinha-da-Régua" by the people of his land.

At the hands of Dona Antónia, who twice was widowed at the head of a large company, Ferreira consolidated in an admirable way. Her entrepreneurial spirit taught her to foresee, to decide, to create, to teach and to love, making her a figure of great projection and charisma.

With the death of Dona Antónia, the company went public with quotas and a new phase of adaptation to the market evolution was begun, maintaining, nevertheless, the quality roots obtained through a unique patrimony of its estates in the Douro, supported by the best oenological methods, presenting wines of excellence under a strong brand.

These values ​​have brought Casa Ferreirinha up to our days and were fundamental for the continuation and creation of the great wines of this brand, as well as for the constitution of a unique patrimony and an unparalleled historical archive.

Also the deep knowledge of the Douro Superior, its characteristics of climate and soil and the careful selection of casts to be used, came to be decisive for the strategy of the company. This strategy, supported by 250 years of experience in the Douro Demarcated Region, led Casa Ferreirinha to acquire, in 1978, Quinta da Leda, located in Almendra, Vila nova de Foz Côa, whose modern cellar was to be completed by Sogrape Vinhos in 2001.

Grapes from these vineyards, of a quality that exceeded the most optimistic expectations, worked by the knowledge of a team led by the winemaker Luís Sottomayor, was born the base of the top wines of Casa Ferreirinha, namely the famous Barca Velha and Reserva Especial, and also Quinta da Leda and Callabriga.

This solid creation allowed Casa Ferreirinha to extend its portfolio to several market segments. Under the mark of the brand are also marketed Vinha Grande and Esteva, important references in the categories where they are inserted.


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