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Château de Parenchère

Château de Parenchère

The Château de Parenchère rises in the heart of a green landscape, at the crossroads of the Gironde and the Dordogne.

The foundations of this ensemble of Perigord architecture were built in 1570 by Pierre de Parenchières, Sieur de Fourgoignières. It was then completely destroyed and rebuilt in 1731, as evidenced by the date adorning the porch at the entrance to the courtyard.
At that time, the stronghold of PARENCHERE belonged to the governor of the region of SAINTE FOY LA GRANDE.

In the eighteenth century, a wine brotherhood enhanced the red and white vineyards. The wines of the area at the time, were already very much appreciated by the Bordeaux and English traders who used the wines of PARENCHERE to spice up deficient vintages (archives of the time consulted at the brokerage office of Bordeaux).

Among his various successive owners, we can remember a general of Empire: General Subervie, who participated in the Battle of Waterloo and who will end his days at the Domaine in 1856.

It was in 1958 that the Château became the property of the Gazaniol family.

Raphaël Gazaniol, returning from North Africa where his family already cultivated the vineyard for two generations, falls in love with the estate and its terroir. It enlarges the estate from 90 to 153 hectares in one piece, and replant almost entirely the vineyard.

In January 2005, Mr. Per Landin, a wine lover of Swedish nationality, fell in love with the estate, but also with Parenchère wines and became a new shareholder.

With Jean Gazaniol, they are now working for the international recognition of Château de Parenchère.

Surface 63 ha


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