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It was during a period of unemployment that António Cuco decided to go from being a simple Gin drinker to a true "flavour alchemist", recovering smells and flavours from his childhood, reaching the final formula of his Gin, and creating an emblematic and recognized brand internationally as Sharish is today.

Sharish Gin, whose original recipe remains unchanged, went from a homemade drink, made to offer only a few friends, to a premium drink of recognized quality and a 1,400 m2 distillery. It is in this distillery that there is the first and only Gin Interpretation Center in the Iberian Peninsula.

There is no doubt about the magnificent quality of Gins and now we have the opportunity to see Sharish's debut in the world of liqueurs with a pennyroyal liqueur.

Pennyroyal originates from Europe, North Africa and Western Asia and grows in sandy and clayey soil. Both the leaves and flowers are eatable, having a peppermint-like aroma and a refreshing, aromatic taste. It is widely used in Alentejo gastronomy, but it is known all over the country. Even better known is the famous liqueur that the pennyroyal originates!
The Sharish pennyroyal intends to recover the authenticity of the Alentejo liquor store, preserving the flavour and natural colour of the plants used. It is a 100% natural product, with an unmistakable flavour, to be drunk cold or accompanied by an ice cube.

We already have this traditional Alentejo liqueur available for you, with the certainty that it maintains the quality and prestige that Sharish has accustomed us to. Taste it and enjoy!


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