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Tenuta Luce
La Vite Lucente 2019
Toscana - igt

  • Unit - 75cl
  • Box of 6 - 75 cl
  • Wooden case of 1 - 150 cl
  • Wooden case of 1 - 300 cl
  • Wooden case of 1 - 600 cl
CHF 31.90
Unit - 75cl
CHF 191.40
Box of 6 - 75 cl
CHF 66.50
Wooden case of 1 - 150 cl
CHF 130.00
Wooden case of 1 - 300 cl
CHF 310.00
Wooden case of 1 - 600 cl
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Cépage Merlot


At the heart of the property lies a pulsating heart. A heart that beat after beat marks the moments that give life to the wine. This is our cellar, where matter evolves and transforms, and where time is the time of wine.

During the harvest, the ripe fruits arrive in the cellar from every single parcel. Each phase is respectful of the integrity of the fruit. The selection of the grapes is followed by the fermentation process with indigenous yeasts and the soft pressing.

After the vinification it is time to wait. Weeks, months, years go by slowly in the barrel room while the wine rests and evolve into its own.
Man becomes a respectful interpreter of what nature has given him, in the incessant search for balance that evolves in the Cellar.
Knowing how to wait is an art.


To the eye: it has an intense purplish red color.

To the nose: it gives off notes of ripe red fruits. Raspberries and Morello cherries are mixed with sensations of vanilla and a slight
balsamic touch.

Palate: The attack is supple, balanced, carried by a pleasant freshness and polished tannins, characteristics that, together with a soft finish, give the wine length and persistence.

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