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Château Yquem
Château Yquem - Cru Classé 2019
Sauternes - aoc

  • Unit - 75cl
  • Wooden case of 6 - 75 cl
CHF 330.00
Unit - 75cl
CHF 1'980.00
Wooden case of 6 - 75 cl
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Cépage Sémillon
Sauvignon Blanc


The pleasure derived from tasting Yquem is difficult to describe. It offers a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time.

The impression that remains is reminiscent of a quote from Frédéric Dard "the silence that follows a piece by Mozart, in which the listener remains suffused with the music".

This reflects the fact that Château d'Yquem stays on the palate for a remarkable long time, providing a unique, prolonged pleasure. There is a lovely expression in French to describe Yquem's tremendously long aftertaste: il fait la queue du paon, which means that it spreads out like a peacock's tail.


Aroma: Not always very expansive for young vintages but marked by fruits (apricot, tangerine, sometimes exotic fruits) and woody notes (vanilla, toast). For the older ones, on the other hand, it allows to float extraordinary scents from the opening of the bottle.

Palate: The aromatic palette is then immense, combining the notes of dried fruits (dry apricot, prune, marmalade) with spicy notes (cinnamon, saffron, liquorice) and even floral (linden...). In the palate, the first sensation is always very silky, often sumptuous.

It is followed by a more enveloping impression that a taster characterized by saying "this wine lines the palate". Indeed, it is present without being oppressive, with elegance and lightness, always balanced. Balance between liquor and acidity (between sweetness and freshness). A few bitterness touches can contribute to this harmony. When in the final, there is an aromatic persistence that tells another story, a story that lasts and lasts...

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