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Maison Chanzy
Bouzeron - Clos de la Fortune Monopole 2016

  • Unit - 75cl
  • Carton de 6 Bouteille 0.75 l
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Unit - 75cl
CHF 117.00
Carton de 6 Bouteille 0.75 l
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Cépage Aligoté
Soil Clay and limestone
Average age of the VINES 35 years old
Ageing In stainless steel vats on the lees, 20% in cask. Botting during summer to preserve the freshness and liveness typical of Aligoté wines


Recognised in 1997 as a fully-fledged Burgundian com-munal appellation, the AOC BOUZERON is a salute to the Aligoté grape, to which it owes its fame. This variety of grape does particularly well in Burgundy where its distinct personality comes well to the fore and gives its name to the regional appellation BOURGOGNE ALIGOTÉ. Bouzeron lies in the Côte Chalonnaise in northern Saône-et-Loire. The valley of the river Dheune separates it from Santenay and it is a close neighbour of Rully and Chas-sagne-Montrachet. Its hillsides have seen human activity going back into the mists of time and the district has even given its name - Chassean - to a prehistoric culture, famous for its artwork.


At once rounded and sprightly - a superb synthesis - this enjoyable and delicately powerful wine contributes lemony notes to oysters and matches their saltiness with its steady minerality. The same goes for cod roe (tarama), and crustaceans, steamed or in a cheese sauce. Its fullness enhances veal or poultry in white or cream sauce, and a mushroom risotto would also respond nicely to its aromatic persistence. It may also be served as a predinner drink with savory puff pastries (gougères), or with dishes such as the burgundian specialty of cold ham with parsely (jambon persillé), mixed salads, or quiches. It goes perfectly well with most types of goat cheese, as well as with Beaufort, Comté or Cîteaux. Serving temperatures: 10 to 11 °C as a predinner drink, 11 to 12° C with meal.


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