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Bitter des Diablerets

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A local product and the only national aperitif of French-speaking origin, Bitter des Diablerets has its source in Aigle in 1876 with François Leyvraz. The recipe for the drink would have been given by a mysterious Dutch traveler ... Or was it the Devil? Freshness of the natural plants of the Alps, sweet touches and bitter flavors, one appreciates formerly the digestive and curative virtues of Bitter des Diablerets. The brand has a peak of popularity in the 50s and becomes part of the recipe of the famous "Bouchon Vaudois". Famous drink in the ski resorts, the Bitter Diablerets has offered in recent years a new youth with the return to grace of the bitters.

The Bitter Diablerets is drunk dry, "on the rocks" or with mineral water. It also has the clever power to combine with various sodas to give original taste blends. It is also in 1980, with the advent of freestyle in snow sports, that the snowboard world takes over the Bitter des Diablerets and composes a cocktail called "Surf", now on the map of many institutions.

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