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Maison Joseph Drouhin
Beaune 1er Cru - Clos des Mouches 2018

  • Unit - 150 cl
  • Box of 6 - 150 cl
  • Wooden case of 1 - 300 cl
CHF 215.00
Unit - 150 cl
CHF 1'290.00
Box of 6 - 150 cl
CHF 395.50
Wooden case of 1 - 300 cl
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Cépage Pinot Noir
Soil clay and limestone
Average age of the VINES 39 years
Ageing In barrels (20% in new oak)


The name "mouches" means flies. There were once bee-hives in this sun-drenched "clos" (vineyard enclosure); the bees in the local dialect were called "mouches à miel" (honey flies), hence the name Clos des Mouches. 

It is one of the first vineyards acquired by Maurice Drouhin (the founder's son) in the 1920's. With great determination, he bought 41 different parcels from 8 proprietors. 

It is planted equally in red and white grapes and both wines have achieved mythical status for the House of Joseph Drouhin.


"An exceptional wine.

The dress is a beautiful deep ruby red, with all the brightness of the great Burgundy.

The nose is both intense and fresh for young wines. The primary notes of red fruits dominate: blackberries, chestnuts, raspberries. Complexity emerges with shades of smoke, evolving towards liquorice. With maturity, a small grain of pepper and a note of brown tobacco, very racy, aromas of humus and undergrowth.

On the palate, a sharp, sharp, fleshy attack. Firming without harshness, density without heaviness. A great freshness for young wines. With age, the wine rounds and takes on fat and relief, with a silky texture brought by the tannins.

He is alive and very noble. A feeling of fullness and balance, with the whole race of tannins".

Véronique Boss-Drouhin

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