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Sogrape Vinhos
Papa Figos & Trinca Bolotas 2019

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Papa Figos

Of all the birds in the Douro, the golden oriole (papa figos in Portuguese) is one of the rarest. It’s an attractive, brightly-coloured migratory bird, unique and rare, and thus the perfect inspiration for this lovely wine from Casa Ferreirinha.

Papa Figos is a Douro red that is ideal for everyday drinking as well as for special occasions. It’s an elegant but vibrant wine, classic yet modern, imbued with all the values of Casa Ferreirinha.

Casa Ferreirinha is the oldest producer of quality table wines in the Douro, and one of the main standard-bearers for the region throughout the world.

Trinca Bolotas

Free to roam in the mountains, where it feeds on acorns, the native Alentejano pig - nicknamed "Trinca Bolotas" - is the only surviving grazing pig in Europe. The way in which it shapes the landscape and preserves the Mediterranean woodlands of the region is part of Alentejo's heritage. It is also a gastronomic treasure, always present in the local cuisine, that invites enjoyment. Named after this reputable pig, this wine combines two of Alentejo's biggest symbols

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