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Château Bas
Château Bas 2020
Côteaux d'Aix en Provence - aoc

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  • Box of 6 - 75 cl
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Unit - 75cl
CHF 71.40
Box of 6 - 75 cl
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Cépage Grenache


In the heart of the vineyards of the Aix en Provence region, the forests and valleys of Chateau Bas mixed with the diversity of climates and terroirs makes it ideal for wine growing.

From the sunny, dry limestone hills, down to the shady and cool valleys, the winemaker can use his knowledge, skills and intuition to recreate the rich palette of flavors and aromas of the Great Wines of Provence.

The Mistral wind is an integral part of the terroir. Blowing in from the north-west, it can suddenly turn the peaceful province of Aix into an icy storm scape. The grapes grow healthier and more concentrated whereas the winemaker would prefer to be indoors!

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